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I’m thankful that the police officer came out quickly, that we live in a city where we can depend on police to react quickly.  –  Chris Reeves

I’m mostly back to my normal schedule now, though only one week ahead so far; by the next Links column I should have a comfortable two-week buffer again.  We’ve got the usual assortment of amusing, interesting and infuriating links this week, but a few words of explanation are in order for the videos.  The first, “I Am Here”, is a project started by two Chilean university students,  Violeta Pinda and Felipe Guzman, to call attention to stray dogs that people usually ignore.  All they did was to attach balloons on which they wrote things like “scratch me”, “play with me” and “don’t leave me” to the dogs…but when creatures who were essentially invisible suddenly become visible, magic happens (and Maggie cries).  The second video is an animation of XKCD’s unique comic strip “Time”, which changed every half hour for the first week and every hour thereafter, from March 25th to the end of July.  Everything down to the first video was provided by Radley Balko, the second video by Mike Siegel  and the links between the two by Jesse Walker (“Sahara Sea”), Popehat (“baby prize”), Luscious Lani (“graffiti”), Kevin Wilson (“weapons”), PWS (“Detroit”),  Lenore Skenazy (“school cops”), Brooke Magnanti  (“whistleblowers”), and Antonio Lorusso (“child porn”).

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