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We are now a police state.  –  Former NSA official Bill Binney

Today I’ll be Bob Zadek’s guest on his radio show on KKSF in San Francisco; even if you’re not in that area you can listen in on the internet.  The show starts at noon PST (20:00 UTC).

A larger-than-usual fraction of this week’s links are funny, even though some of them are black humor; enjoy it while it lasts.  Today’s first video, via Aspasia, is unique in that it was made entirely inside a computer; none of it exists in reality.  Yet despite my generally low regard for CGI cartoons, I wholly admit to being extremely impressed by it and I predict a successful career for its creator.  The second video (provided by Jesse Walker) takes us from the sublime to the ridiculous:  it’s a 1963 Rice Krispies commercial performed by a now-legendary band before they were famous (Jesse also supplied “irony”).  Everything down to the first video is from Radley Balko, and the links between the videos from  Popehat (“class” & “petard”), Amy Alkon (“11”), Gideon (“natural”), Cop Block  (“groped”), Tushy Galore (“Prince”), and Rick Horowitz (“NSA” & “robotic”).

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