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Young people are taking Viagra because of terrorism.  –  Dr. Samiullah Khan

As y’all have probably noticed by now, I like unusual covers of well-known songs.  Well, this week we’ve got one of the most unusual ones yet; not only is it a cover of a cover (specifically, Soft Cell’s version of the obscure ’60s B-side “Tainted Love”), but it’s played on a really unusual instrument.  The video comes to us via Mike Siegel (who also provided “Voynich”), but if you prefer one with a vocal track you can thank Melissa Gira Grant for that.  The second video is a terribly rude (but also very funny) commercial called to my attention by  EconJeff (who also gave us “Obama“).  Everything above the first video is from Radley Balko, and the links between the videos were contributed by ClarkhatMike RiggsMistress MatisseCop BlockDan SavageFranklin HarrisPopehatJolene PartonGrace, and Kevin Wilson  (in that order).

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