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We remain very concerned that…legal [products] are being sold openly in our high streets.  –  Detective Superintendent Dave Knopwood

Whenever the topic of nursing in public came up in my younger years, I let it be known that I fully intended to nurse my babies whenever they were hungry, no matter where I might happen to be at the time, and that anyone who complained would learn just how sharp my tongue is.  As it turned out I never had the experience myself, but my feelings on the subject haven’t changed so I really appreciated this funny video my husband discovered.  Everything above it is from Clarissa, and the second video (from Mistress Matisse) is a real ad for an actual lawyer; the links between the videos were provided by Kevin Wilson  (“comics”), Thaddeus Russell (“graffiti”), Lenore Skenazy (“libertarianism”),  Popehat (“paranoid”), Jesse Walker (“map”), Mike Siegel (“paintball”),  Cthulhuchick (“goats” & “handcuffed”), and Radley Balko (“nothing”).

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