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For decades I have been trying to come up with an ideal way to slice a banana.  –  SW3K

This was a very unbalanced week; while I had so many sex-work-related items that I was able to write three other columns from them in addition to yesterday’s TW3, as you can see the links pickings were pretty sparse.  The first video is another of the unusual covers I like to feature, of a song we’ve seen here before; the second is a new video version of something we’ve previously seen as a slide series (and which, IMHO, is important enough to repeat).  Everything down to the first video is from Radley Balko, and the links between the videos from Franklin Harris (“RIP” and “bananas”), Aspasia (“table”), Korhomme (“Anglophile”), Rick Horowitz (“part one”), Mike Siegel (“part two”), Eddie J. Cunningham (“Javert”), Jason Kuznicki  (“rumor”), and Jack Shafer (“Watterson”).

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