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Meeting Maggie

I understand that you’ve gone back to full-time sex work, but I don’t see anything on your site that explains how I can arrange to see you, what your rates are, etc.  Where can I find that?

corset backThere are a number of reasons why I’m not directly linking any of that information on this site, and all of them have to do with the stupid, prudish attitudes our society holds toward sex work.  If I were a doctor, lawyer or other professional, nobody would bat an eyelash if I were to link my professional site to my blog.  But because my business involves touching people on parts of their bodies the witch doctors have deemed taboo, I am placed under restrictions that massage therapists, manicurists and hairdressers need not concern themselves with.  I’m not sure how WordPress would feel about a direct link, but I know damned well PayPal would blow a gasket if they thought I was using my account to process “donations” in the euphemistic sense rather than the donations I need to keep this blog going, and right now the business is not yet good enough to support the activism without keeping the streams separate.  However, it isn’t difficult to find my escort site if you can look at a picture and spell my name, and there you can find all the usual info about rates, availability and all that jazz.  I don’t think it will be any harm if I tell you the email address I’m using for professional contact, though, so click here if you want that.  Please don’t use that email address for personal or activism-related contact, or just to say “hi”; it’s strictly for inquiries regarding seeing me in person, as the name of the address implies.

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