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Diary #267

20150805_161229-1It’s been an amazingly busy week!  I said on Twitter that nobody should mistake this trip for a vacation, because it wasn’t (not for me, anyway; Jae & Grace had a fun, if exhausting, trip to Sturgis).  But that doesn’t mean I had no fun; in fact, every single date I had, with both gentlemen I already knew and with those I was meeting in the flesh for the first time, was lovely.  And though I was busy jetting around eastern Oklahoma for work, I also managed to make time to catch up with several friends and readers (I won’t name-drop, but they can identify themselves in the comments if they like); get my divorce paperwork filed; copy Never On Sunday for Matt (I did tell you we’re still very close); catch up on my writing a little; place some new escort ads; visit with Grace after she got back; and probably half a dozen other things I’m forgetting.  Then in the middle of it all, I got to see myself quoted in an editorial in The Daily Iowan, of all places; fame marches on!  Today I’ll be finishing up here, packing a few things for my return to Seattle tomorrow; I’ll be sleeping in Denver tomorrow night, taking a day off with Jae in Idaho on Friday and then I’ll be back in Seattle sometime Saturday.

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