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Back Issue: September 2012

A successful life is judged by its character rather than by the number of years it endures.  – “Enough is Enough

Great Social EvilThough my blog didn’t change much in September of 2012, my life started to; it was the month I attended my first conference as Maggie McNeill, and a week later I had some thoughts about the experience.  This is important because as I became more active offline I was forced to streamline my procedures online, a process that has continued up to now.  Oh, some things didn’t change at all; I still did a harlotography (“Robyn Few“), a fictional interlude (“Parallel Lines“) and a holiday column (“The Autumnal Equinox“) this month, plus “My Favorite Short Films” (an installment of a now-ludicrous anti-porn signdefunct feature).  Q & A columns had not yet become weekly, but it wasn’t unusual to find a full-length column like “Capricious Lusts” in addition to the monthly one.

“Sex trafficking” was by this time a major topic, but it wasn’t covered in many columns this month; the only two columns in which it was the major theme were “The Phoenix Pharisees” and “The Young and the Brainless“, though the event digitized orangedescribed in “Parting of the Ways” – the separation of Backpage from Village Voice Media – was directly precipitated by the hysteria, and “Poe Folks” touches on it.  There were several columns on the more general topic of prostitution: “Bottleneck” discussed the unintended consequences of laws intended to “control” the sex trade; “One in Seven” is the fraction of women who do sex work in one African city; “Somebody’s Daughter” cracks the prohibitionist “Would you want your daughter to do it?” chestnut;  “Profound Ignorance” asks why so many economists are so dumb about sex work; and “Dirty Laundry” looks at the history of the awful Magdalene laundries.  Rounding out the month were “Enough is Enough“, on the philosophy of excess; “Monkey Business“, on intelligence in the great apes; and “Against Conscience“, which explains why none of us owe a particle to government.Azathoth

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