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It Had To Happen

I knew this day would come; I just didn’t expect it to come anything like this.  There is just no way I can get a column out on time today.  After driving all day Wednesday and spending all day yesterday at the hospital trying to navigate the Byzantine complexities of the medical admissions system, I am exhausted and desperately in need of sleep.  As regular readers know I’ve been staying with Jae in her hospital room for weeks, sleeping in an uncomfortable chair/bed thing and being awakened repeatedly throughout the night as she gets up or needs something; I’m totally worn out.  Tonight Savannah Sly volunteered to stay with her, so I’ve just come home for some much-needed shuteye (until the next doctor has a question I need to answer) and I just can’t spare the time to write the post I intended to write, which will now appear Monday.  So forgive me for my first miss, dear readers; I promise not to make a habit of it.IMG_7084

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