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Social Disease

Recently, I saw an escort who had a rash on her behind and thighs.  She said she had been laying on her belly on the beach and fell asleep, resulting in a serious burn which also caused a rash.  The rash did not look like herpes, but I am worried about carrying it to a girl I’m dating even though the sex was protected and the lady is meticulous about condom usage.  Do you think she was telling the truth?

leperThere’s a really, really simple way to be sure about this: get tested.  If she was lying, you’ll know soon enough.  But I’m sure you already thought of that; it’s pretty obvious.  It is, in fact, so obvious that I have to wonder why you didn’t simply do it instead of writing me about it.  And what I think is that you aren’t really worried about an actual disease spread by a pathogen, but rather an imaginary “contagion” of sin.  You don’t owe fidelity to a girl you’re simply dating, but I suspect you’re more serious about her than y’all have officially agreed to be, and because of that you feel guilty about having visited a whore.   Sex with a professional would not be the same as cheating even if the two of you had a monogamous relationship, which you don’t; feeling guilt when the two of you aren’t committed makes even less sense.  And I hardly need to tell you that you’ve got far more chance of catching something from the amateurs you’re implicitly allowed to date than from professionals.

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