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All bathtubs should be banned. Just imagine it!  –  King Carl XVI Gustaf

On Thanksgiving night I was relaxing (yes, I’m starting to figure out how to do that) and listening to music on my Tubular Bells-based Pandora station, when I suddenly heard a piece of music whose identity has eluded me for 34 years.  It was the soundtrack for a sequence about gravitational wormholes in an episode of Cosmos, and I adored it; however, it wasn’t included on the soundtrack album and the internet didn’t exist in 1981.  Furthermore, when the series was released on video at the end of the decade, that sequence had a different score; clearly there had been a problem with the rights, so it had been replaced.  But I never forgot the tune, so when I heard it on Thursday night I practically leaped to my phone to discover its identity.  So here it is: Equinoxe, Part 4, by Jean-Michel Jarre.  The links above it were provided by Jesse WalkerMatt WelchWendy LyonGrace,  PopehatJillian Keenan, and Glenn Greenwald (in that order).

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