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My wife has medical issues which for the past 15 years have reduced our intimacy to a few kisses a month and sex (maybe) 2 – 4 times per year.  I know she’s doing the best she can to give me what I need, but when she does I can tell she’s in pain and there’s no emotional intimacy at all.  Lately, I have entertained the possibility of a body rub or escort professional, but I’m looking for emotional connection rather than just sex.  I’m also worried about police and scams; I don’t want to do something stupid and wind up arrested and ruin my life.hands

I’ve written on a number of occasions about how to find a good escort and avoid problems; you might find reading those columns worthwhile (you can find them via my “Previously Asked Questions” page).  But the short version is:  haunt your local escort board and advertising sites for a few weeks, and read all you can on any woman who strikes your fancy before you call her.  Avoid women with no history you can discover, and try to stick to ones with a well-known reputation.  If you do that, you can virtually eliminate the possibility of being tricked by cops or scam artists.  But you’re asking for a little more; you not only want a lady who’s dependable, but also one you can feel that sense of intimacy with.  It’s possible that after 15 years of touch-starvation you’d be able to achieve that with any decent GFE escort, but I have a few suggestions that might increase your chances.

  • Stick with women of your own generation; it’s certainly possible to develop a good rapport with someone much younger, but you’re more likely to have more to talk about with someone who grew up in the same decade.
  • Try to find a lady who lives either in your city or one that you travel to at least monthly; it’s easier to get the kind of experience you’re looking for from someone you see often.
  • Don’t be in a rush to settle on one escort; try at least a few to see which you like best, then continue to see her regularly as mentioned above.
  • Don’t mistake your feelings of intimacy for love; though it is indeed possible to truly fall in love with a whore (my wasband Matt fell for me 15 years ago on this very day), in your case it would most likely be the result of getting intimate touch for the first time in so very long.  Appreciate your provider for what she is to you, and don’t try to turn the relationship into something it isn’t, and you may find that both you and your wife are happier.  You’ll be getting the intimacy you crave, and your wife will be relieved of the pressure of trying to provide you with something she’s no longer capable of providing.

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