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Back Issue: January 2013

Because clearly, American state borders are patrolled like those between Cold War-era East and West European countries, and thus form solid barriers like the chalk lines of cabalistic summoning circles to anyone who has not yet been struck by the Mystic Lightning of Adulthood.  – “Profession of Faith

narcissismSoon after the beginning of 2013, this blog assumed the shape it had for two years, and very similar to the one it still has.  Reader questions were now answered weekly (except for one last Q & A); this month’s were “Deep Frustration” and “Off the Clock“.  After January the reprints from Cliterati appeared, but diary columns were still almost a year and a half in the future; still, I featured an increasing number of diary-like columns such as “Hate Mail” and “Spamalanche“.  The regular “Favorites” column was almost over by this point; this month’s “My Favorite Movies” was among the last.  But of course other regular features such as holiday columns (“New Year’s Day 2013” and “Epiphany“), harlotographies (“Volumnia Cytheris“), and fictional interludes (“Bucket List“) were still going strong, not to mention periodic reports (“2012 in Review“) and summaries (“Previously Asked Questions“).  Debunking columns have always been important features; this month burning idolsaw “Hollow Claims“, “The Truth About ‘The Truth About…’” and “The Joy of Juxtaposition“.  And the ever-popular “news plus commentary” type was represented this time around by “Pearls Firmly Clutched“, “Sexual Predators” and “Profession of Faith“.  “For the Children” and “Perverse Incentives” were excerpts from other writers’ essays which I commented on, “The Legacy of Roe” was followed by “Due Consideration” (in which I explained how my own personal views on abortion law had evolved), and “Physician, Heal Thyself” was a profile of a deeply-disturbed arch-prohibitionist.sex work flow chart by Anne Johnsen

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