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I think my spaceship knows which way to go.  –  David Bowie

Within a few hours of last week’s links column going online, It was announced that rock legend David Bowie had died.  Had you asked me earlier that day whether I was a fan of his, I would’ve said “no”; I liked his music very much, and listening to him was always a pleasure, but I didn’t run out to buy his new albums or anything like that.  But when I read the news I felt an emptiness, and I realized that Bowie was one of those people I had always taken for granted; the idea that at some point in my life the world wouldn’t have him in it never crossed my mind.  And while Mistress Matisse and I were tweeting back and forth about his death and sharing videos, I suddenly found myself in tears; such is the cultural power of a true icon.  Bowie was King Freak, and proudly waved the freak flag practically from the moment he arrived on the scene; in doing so he sent a message to all the other, younger freaks like me that there really was a place in the world for us.  So I think it’s only right I should salute him by featuring his farewell video from his farewell album, released only a few days before his passing.  The links above the video were provided by Franklin HarrisJesse Walker, and Radley Balko (the last two), in that order.

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