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SASS 2016Since my friends have been prodding me to invest more energy in self-care, I decided to make a few beauty appointments last week; after all, an investment in my looks is an investment in my image, and thus in my business.  And one can’t go wrong with that!  If you’d like to make a special contribution toward it, you can PayPal me and include a note that you’d like it invested in my face.  Friday night I picked up Savannah Sly at the airport, and we went out to do street outreach; we got to talk to several street workers, provided them with supplies and invited them to the SASS health fair and social.  Personally, I think it would be great if we could get more street workers in SWOP; Savannah and I were discussing ways to do that.  Saturday and Sunday were not so busy, but then SASS week began with a bang early yesterday morning and I’ve barely stopped since then.  I’ll be running around all day again tomorrow, and from Wednesday on…well, see for yourself!  I’m just going to have to go into high gear in order to do everything I need to accomplish this week, and maybe I’ll be able to catch up on my sleep next week.

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