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Diary #297

0306162051aWell, Seattle’s Annual Sexwork Symposium (SASS) was a resounding success!  Last Wednesday Savannah Sly and I co-hosted a panel discussion featuring four well-known activists, then on Thursday SWOP held a protest march and afterward a large number of Seattle sex workers participated in a secret project that you’ll just have to wait to learn about (did I ever say I didn’t have a sadistic streak?  If so, I lied.)  On Friday we had a health fair and in the evening I did karaoke for the first time; I’ll let you imagine what it sounded like for me to perform a duet with Abby May on “You Oughta Know” and with Savannah on “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’“.  No, I don’t sing all that well, but for some reason I sound a lot better on “scorned woman” songs.  Go figure.  Saturday was the sex worker social in the daytime and the Harlot’s Ball in the evening; my outfit was inspired by Barbarella and it’s just too bad nobody took a picture of me in it (what little of it there was) because people kept coming up to me and telling me that in the low-light conditions I looked naked from a distance (oops, am I teasing again?  Sorry.)  (Not really.)  That came in especially handy when I took over the kissing booth for the last half-hour or so (Yep. Still not sorry.)  Finally, Sunday evening we had an art & performance night, complete with a silent auction in which one of the items was a dinner date with me; the pic here was taken by Aidan Allgood outside the theater after the show (too bad you can’t see the boots, but you can see my snaky accessory if you look closely).  All in all, it was a very full week, and that’s only the parts I can tell you about…yes, I’m teasing-and-denying again, and I’m still not sorry.

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