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Back Issue: June 2013

The difference between my level of contempt for evil and my level of contempt for moral cowardice is so minuscule I probably couldn’t shove [a police collaborator’s] scruples between them.  – “Zurvivor

Grigori RasputinThis month, the guest columnist (Sarah Woolley) moved into the spot that feature still occupies, the second Monday of the month.  Wednesdays were reader questions (“Late Bloomer“, “On a Mountaintop“, “Quicker Than the Eye” and “Sensitive Guy“), a feature that now appears on Thursdays; Fridays were reprints of my columns from Cliterati,  which this month were “Unmentionables”  and “Sold Out“; there were only two because this month’s fictional interlude,  “Glorious Gifts“, pre-empted one and my Summer Solstice column the other.  The month’s only other holiday was International Whores’ Day, and there were three other feature columns: the harlotography (“Marie Duplessis“), a book review (America’s War on Sex)Eeyore's house and a songs column (“Money Don’t Grow On Trees“).  “Zurvivor“, Pimping the Pimp“, “Rotten to the Core“, “Which I Doubt” and “Flush Criminalization”  were all news commentaries, and that leaves only three columns of other types:  “Sleeping With the Enemy” criticized some sex workers’ trendy but idiotic fascinations with Marxism and misandry; “Magic Formulae” discussed the superstitious belief in “tests” or procedures believed to protect whores from cops; and “Hussies” mocked the resurgence of the tiresome belief that women’s sex drives are at least as ravenous as men’s.The Ionian Dance by Sir Edward John Poynter (1895)

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