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Diary #310

666Emboldened by my successful flights to and from Los Angeles, last week I bought our tickets for the Desiree Alliance conference in New Orleans.  But lest you think I’ve become reckless, I must point out that I still took a number of precautions.  First of all, I bought tickets for Jae and Vignette at the same time as mine, ensuring we’ll be on the same flight in case I need to dope myself up more than last time.  Also, I was careful to select nonstop flights both coming and going; unless a flight is unusually rough, the chance of vertigo is highest during takeoff and landing, so one of each is better than two of each.  Also, nonstop flights obviously result in less travel time, which means less risk of my meds wearing off too soon.  I was also careful to select flights with a “very good” rating; less turbulence, less bullshit and less chance of delay are all good things for me.  And as you can see from this screencap Vignette tweeted, the price was probably a good omen; after all, what would one expect when flying to a harlot convention in New Orleans with the Whore of Babylon?  But in all seriousness, I’m really looking forward to the conference; the last time I went to one, I was just beginning to realize how well-known I had become, and I was meeting many people in the flesh for the first time.  But this time, I’m going with a large group of close friends, and it is going to be a total blast, especially since it’ll be the first time I can show those friends some of the sights of my home town.  And that, dear readers, is well worth risking airsickness for.

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