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It looks like things are getting busy again for me, and probably will be for the next month or so.  I’m going to the Desiree Alliance conference in New Orleans from July 10th to 15th, so if you live in the Big Easy and want to see me professionally you need to speak up pretty soon.  I have a two-day gig this week and a three-day gig the weekend after next, and a bunch of other stuff mixed in between now and early July (including a much-anticipated beauty procedure today).  The interviews also seem to be ramping up again; a couple of weeks ago I talked to a reporter from Michigan for this story, then last week local reporter Sydney Brownstone for this one.  On June 2nd, I appeared on Jeff Richardson’s podcast:

Then on Saturday, I spoke to an ally (who used to be a politician, of all things!) about client criminalization for an article he’s working on for a mainstream publication.  Finally, I’m going to be doing some more filming on the documentary project, and I hope to be doing at least a couple of more photo shoots for the nudes project before the summer is out.  And that’s just the stuff I know about now; if you’ve been reading for a while, you know things can change awfully fast, and for all I know I could be running hot all the way down until autumn.

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