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Yesterday afternoon on Twitter, I tweeted out a rather long series of tweets; as per my request it was retweeted fairly heavily, but it’s such an important message I think it bears repeating here, where it will be seen by people who are not on Twitter and retweeted by those who are, but missed the original tweets.  Please share this post on Twitter, Facebook or wherever; reblog it or print it and attach copies to power poles or whatever, because I think it’s very important it be shared as widely as possible.empty-piggy-bank

Whenever the political situation is uncertain or in turmoil, men tend to hold on to their money and limit discretionary spending.  For the past two months, that has been the case for every sex worker in the US who doesn’t have a rock-solid, recession-proof client base, which means most of us.  I’ve heard it from LOTS of ladies, over & over for weeks and weeks now.  And all the “end demand” pogroms have only made things worse.  So even if the sex workers you know & love haven’t said anything about it (because we want to be positive and pleasant company for y’all), it’s very likely that things are very tight for them right now.  And because they won’t tell you that, somebody needs to say it, and I’ve elected myself for the job.  If you care about whores, human rights & sexual freedom, now is the time to demonstrate that in a pragmatic fashion.  That doesn’t mean texting or emailing compliments or giving nice-but-impractical gifts; it means booking sessions, and tipping generously if you can.  We need your support to pay our bills, and after a two-month dry spell many of us have exhausted our buffers.  So it needs to be now, before holiday bills start hitting you.  I understand you may be nervous about the political situation; well, we are too.  And if you profess to care about us, you need to step up and be generous.  So, book a session with your ATF.  Book one with a lady you know has kids.  Book one with a lady you like, but haven’t seen in a while.  Book with a male escort you’ve been wanting to see.  Book with a domme or FBSM pro you’ve had your eye on.  Book with me or any of the other sex workers you see me interact with online (and remember I still have a special going on for two more weeks).  If you don’t have time to book but still want to help, most sex workers have PayPal or Patreon or some such you can use to give them a monetary token of appreciation.  Because there isn’t a single one of us who won’t be grateful for it right now.  And if you don’t partake yourself but still care about our cause, you can just contribute to an activist like me or to SWOP-USA (or a local chapter, or SWOP Behind Bars) or Women With a Vision or any other organization which supports sex worker rights.  And please don’t put it off; there’s no time like the present.

Thank you for reading and distributing this, and thanks in advance for your generosity!

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