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Diary #333

selfiecamera_2016-11-05-12-48-38-054I think my car will soon be able to get to the airport by itself; it drove there and back three times in as many days last week (the first time Sol Finer drove it to pick me up, and the next two times I took friends there), then yesterday I had to go again!  Other than that, the week kept me so busy with little chores, tasks and annoyances that I wasn’t quite able to catch back up, and the election didn’t help at all.  But that finally broke near the end of the week, and a dear friend invited me over to her house Friday for an evening of inebriated cuddling on the sofa, which was blissfully relaxing and put me into a lovely frame of mind for the rest of the weekend.  I’m beginning to get my schedule together, and pretty soon I’ll know my tour dates for January; tentatively, I’ll be stopping in Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, Albuquerque and Denver, so if you live in any of those cities and would like to see me please keep your eye on this space over the next few weeks.  And with any luck I’ll be able to get my new book out by then, too!

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