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Hither and Yon

20140605_212044Now that I’m able to fly again, I’m much more open to traveling for speaking purposes; in just the past few months I’ve done two talks (counting the one I’ll be giving day after tomorrow) and a number of interviews.  As you can probably guess, that means I’m being asked more often (because these things tend to snowball), and people want to know how to go about getting me to speak at their events.  It’s easy; just ask.  No, I’m not being facetious; all you have to do is send me an email, tell me about your event and when and where it is, what you’d like me to speak about, and who you are.  That last is important because, while I ask a $500 speaking fee for most events, I’ll donate my time to sex worker events pro bono (except for lodging and board, and honestly I’m not especially persnickety about that; I’m perfectly happy being put up in one of the organizers’ guest rooms and fed from their table).  Thanks to the generosity of a patron, I can easily get around by air at no cost to myself, which lets me help sex workers all over the country without running myself into poverty.  I only ask one favor: whether you’re paying or I’m donating the time, please ask me well in advance of the event; I want enough lead time to advertise for clients wherever it is I’m going.

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