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Back Issue: January 2014

In the past, civilizations died in blood and fire; ours is slowly suffocating in billions of tons of cotton wool.  –  “New Year’s Day 2014

MuchaWe’re getting to the point where I’m saying to myself, “That was three years ago already?” every time I do one of these; “Something in the Milk” is still one of my most often-linked columns, and it seems like yesterday that I announced the release of “Ladies of the Night“.  After we account for the holiday columns (New Year’s Day & Little Christmas 2014), the annual review column, the guest column (from a man on the “sex offender registry), the fictional interlude (“Millennium“), the harlotography (“Marion Delorme“), the Q&A columns (“Lip Service“, “Sex and Drugs” and “Questing for Unicorns“) and the Cliterati reprints (“Cops and Robbers“, “Caveat Emptor“, “Case Study” and “Devil’s Advocate“), plus two special columns assisting other sex worker friends (“La Libertine’s Salon” and “Share Your Truth“), the only essays left are all about prohibitionism & moral panics: “The Pit“, “What Next?“, “The Forest for the Trees” and “Imagine the Sky“.yuk yuk yuk

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