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Diary #341

selfiecamera_2016-12-28-18-27-57-476Grace went back to the ranch last Wednesday, and today I’m the one leaving Seattle for my tour.  If you haven’t booked an appointment yet it’s too late to take advantage of the special, but I’m still available at my normal rate and I have availability in Portland, Los Angeles and Los Vegas (and I could probably make time for one in Albuquerque).  I’m thinking of shortening my return trip by a day so as to stay overnight in Salt Lake City instead of Denver, so if you’re in Denver and want to see me you need to speak up soon!  I’m pretty excited about the trip; I’ll get to see some friends I don’t get to see often, plus this is my first keynote address ever!  And though I don’t really enjoy driving such long distances, it doesn’t really bother me either.  The only thing that bothers me (besides being away from the people I love in Seattle, of course) is that I’m a bit wary of driving over both the Rockies and the Cascades in January.  But Grace got me a set of snow chains, so I’ll just be careful, watch the weather and hope I don’t have to use them, and I’ll be back two weeks from tomorrow or thereabouts!

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