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Diary #378

And so the moving process is at long last nearly done.  Unless yet another thing goes wrong (as so many have already), Grace and Chekhov should be home tonight, with animals and the last of the cargo in tow.  I won’t have any more need for a 28-foot trailer after this, so I’m going to sell it and use the money to fix the house (as I mentioned before, I got an incredibly good deal because the place was vacant for several years and in need of several major repairs).  There are still a few things in a small storage unit in Oklahoma, but it’s little enough that we’re probably just going to fly Chekhov down, rent a small U-haul and let him bring it up sometime in October.  I might also decide to sell the big truck and replace it with a smaller one, but that’s Grace’s call.  In any case, I’ll be glad to see the bottom of this money pit; I knew moving my home base halfway across the continent was going to be pricey, but it exceeded my worst estimate by at least 33%.  So until the move is completely done (for the sake of specificity, let’s just say the end of October) I’m running an extremely generous special; it’s open to both local clients and those I need to travel to reach, with different terms.  If you’re interested please email me, but please only if you’re serious! 

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