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Back Issue: September 2014

In our present fascist system, government and big business are as intricately and symbiotically interconnected as the components of a lichen.  –  “Censor Chic

Thanks to Peter Schafer for the wonderful sign photo!September 2014 was the end of my book tour for Ladies of the Night, and featured several columns about different aspects of the tour, namely “Local Flavor“, “Different Strokes“,  “Change Is” and “The Kindness of Strangers“.  After the holiday columns (“Censor Chic” and “Mabon 2014“); the two-part fictional interlude (“The Sum of Its Parts“); the harlotography (“Minnie Rae Simpson“); the Q&A columns (“Illicit Affairs“, “New and Improved“, “Constructive Criticism“, and “The Pimp in the Mirror“); and the Cliterati reprints (“Eternal Vigilance“, “Buyer’s Remorse“, “Instant Criminal“, and “Cardboard Cutouts“), the only thing left is a recipe for “Grace’s Chili“. 

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