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It’s a damned good thing that I had a decent amount of work and a few lovely visits with friends last week, because the increasing violence of the War on Whores has dumped a huge amount of stress on the entire demimonde.  Not even sex workers outside of the US are safe, because Uncle Sam’s megalomania knows no bounds and it seems even the Backpage sites in other countries were seized and taken down last Friday.  I’m trying to figure out how to most easily and effectively move this blog to an overseas server, just in case WordPress decides I’m “facilitating prostitution” and takes the site down to protect themselves from the unprecedented censorship of FOSTA.  I’ve been warning for years that the US police state was headed into full-scale totalitarianism, and here we are; I can assure you that governments won’t stop with censoring sex.  Next will come whatever they can brand “terrorism”, “hate speech” or “fake news”, and we can’t count on any help from ACLU because they’re too busy helping middle-class white men force stupid bigots to cater their wasteful displays of conspicuous consumption.  You know that expression, “It’ll get worse before it gets better?”  Well, we’re in that “getting worse” part.  And I’m sorry, loves, but I have absolutely no idea how long it’ll last.

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