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Back Issue: April 2015

Evasive [escort ad] language…[is] part of an elaborate pantomime our society has concocted to pretend that persecution of private sexual behavior can ever be legitimate.  –  “Time and Companionship Only

The lists of independent posts for these Back Issue columns are even beginning to look short when I’m in the process of writing them!  After the holidays (April Fools’ Day [plus “Look Again“], Easter and May Eve); the guest columnist (Kaytlin Bailey); the fictional interlude (“Surprise“); and the Q&A columns (“Thing of the Past“, “Not With a Ruler“, and “Time and Companionship Only“), the only things left were an article about the ESPLERP case (“Precedent“); the announcement of my leaving Cliterati (“Eating Up Time“); a review of the movie “My Normal“, and a look at the “help” offered to sex workers by Ruhama (“Slim and Nun“).

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