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Back Issue: May 2015

Charity does indeed begin at home, but the ripples spread out to affect the whole world.  –  “Monkey See, Monkey Do

I think another change of format for this column will be necessary soon; the number of individual columns requiring description has grown too small.  After the holiday column (May Day), the guest columnist (Ayna), the fictional interlude (“Split Focus“), the harlotography (“Barbara Payton“), and the Q&A columns (“In Charge of the Henhouse“, “Unwanted Strings“, “Monkey See, Monkey Do“, and “Genteel Indolence“), the only four left are one on Hawaii’s persecution of whores (“The Aloha State“), one on what prohibitionist fantasies tell us about them (“Very Like a Whale“), and two on my personal & professional life (“Back in the Saddle” and “A Night To Forget“). 

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