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Whenever things in the demimonde go haywire, as with the recent ramping up of the US War on Whores, my own schedule gets much busier (as might be expected).  Between interviews, consultations, answering questions from nervous sex workers, planning for moving this blog and my escort website offshore, joining Switter, dealing with the time-wasters & harassers these events have drawn out of the woodwork, modifying my upcoming article for the next print edition of Reason (on sale in about 3 weeks) and doing my regular paying work, I’ve also had to push myself harder to plan and write as many columns in advance as possible so I don’t have to stress about it so much while I’m in the UK with Brooke Magnanti.  If you want to see me there, please let me know ASAP so we can schedule, and if you’re in the US you may want to take advantage of my “Two Out of Three” special.  However, the week wasn’t all work work work; I received this lovely lilac dress and a very flattering casual top from Paddy from NY, some super-sexy black snakeskin tights from Cdk, and a very generous cash donation from a reader in the Netherlands who wanted to show his support during these dark times.  Thank you all, and especially to my subscribers whose regular donations brighten my days; I couldn’t do this without y’all!

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