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Last week was just as crammed full of the same kind of stuff as the week before, plus I’m trying to get as many columns in the pipeline as possible before I leave a week from today to visit the UK with Brooke Magnanti.  So far it’s going well; if I keep up this pace I’ll have everything done through June 2nd by the time I land in London, with the exception of the next couple of diary columns (which I obviously can’t do that far ahead), two picture columns like the ones I did on my trips with Lorelei, and the news column for June 3rd (which I will be able to finish on the trip as long as I can average a paltry one item per day).  You may have noticed that my news columns run 9 to 13 items; I’ve been artificially keeping them at 9 for the past couple of weeks so I can use a sort of toothpaste-tube effect to ensure I get all the May columns done by the time I arrive in London.  That way, I don’t have to stress about it on my trip.  Of course, the pipeline will be empty by the time I get back, but of late I’ve gotten pretty good at rebuilding the queue, so it won’t take long to get back up to my normal lead of 3 to 5 columns.  If you’re interested in taking advantage of my special, you only have until Sunday; but if you just want to see me and hear my Jessica Rabbit voice you need look no further than the podcast below, recorded two weeks ago when I was in LA.

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