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Diary #447

Both Grace and Jae are good at finding great deals on Craigslist; last Tuesday Grace texted me and told me they’d found a camper-trailer for only $275, which she suggested we could use as a guest cabin.  So I told them to pull the money from petty cash and go take a look at it, and though it needs some work it was a steal at that price.  Once the roof is sealed and Jae redoes the interior, we’ll have a 24′ trailer that in a pinch can sleep five people, and Grace will run power and water hookups to it.  Slowly but surely, the compound is growing and improving; before too much longer they’ll start on the bookcases, and most of the posts have already been placed for the new perimeter fence.  As I’ve said before, deciding to move my operations to Washington state wasn’t an easy thing for me to do, though I know it was the right thing.  So when stuff falls into place and I see things shaping up and my little family happy, it not only makes me feel good, but confirms to my nervous mind that I really did make the right decision.   

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