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Diary #444

Just a few days after returning to Seattle, I went back to Sunset for the New Year and enjoyed several glorious days of doing mostly nothing, a pastime I cannot enjoy sober; however, since I was not sober for very much of the period between Sunday evening and yesterday morning, everything worked out just fine.  The Yuletide season ends Saturday and the carnival season begins Monday, and I’m already planning to return to Sunset for Imbolc, at which time I’ll make a big pot of gumbo.  And with any luck, the floor will finally be repaired by then and we can move on to the bookcases.  How much longer will it be before I consider the place presentable?  I’m not sure; I know what projects need to be done, but these things always take longer to finish than I expect because most people don’t pursue their goals with the single-minded fixation of a jitterbug on meth…and fortunately for my mental health, I’m finally beginning to learn that I don’t have to either.

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