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Diary #460

I’ve been feeling kinda weird the past couple of weeks; my mood is just fine all day, but then about 9 PM I start to get anxious for no particular reason.  So one night last week, I mentioned this to Matisse, and she asked if it had anything to do with the increasing daylight, which of course it does so why didn’t I think of that myself?  I mean, it’s my pineal gland being overstimulated, after all.  The only thing I can guess is that it’s partly because the days are so much longer so much earlier this far north than they are in the land of my birth, and also perhaps because it’s still pretty cold here even though it’s light until practically 8 PM, and that confuses my brain.  And because my brain doesn’t like being confused, I get extra-anxious.  That’s my theory, anyhow, and in the absence of other information it’s as good as any.  Anyhow, it only seems to affect me when I’m alone; on nights when I’ve been with friends or gentlemen, I don’t notice it.  So it probably won’t bother me next week while I’m in Minnesota & Illinois, but if it does, well, better living through chemistry, you know?

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