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I would think it’s obvious to anyone who isn’t a complete moral imbecile that when one voluntarily accepts responsibility for a living creature, human or not, one is then responsible for the health and well-being of that creature.  It’s not a toy to be thrown away when one tires of it, and yet – as anyone who has ever lived on a farm or similar property can attest – many people do exactly that.  They get some kind of pet and then, when they decide on some whim that they don’t want it any more, they just drive it out to the area of the nearest farm, ranch, or stable and dump it.  Sure, they could contact some kind of animal welfare organization and ask for help rehoming the pet, but that’s too much like work for these entitled turds; it’s so much easier just to put the poor trusting beast in the car, take it for a ride, and then dump it off without any regard for the fact that it has absolutely no ability to take care of itself.  Well, week before last somebody did exactly that at a farm belonging to a neighbor of my friend Winnie; the lady went out in the morning to find a kunekune, a small breed of pig from New Zealand, making friends with her horses.  It’s about 80 pounds full-grown, so Winnie asked me if we had room for it out at Sunset and Grace, being an animal lover (who happens to have a special fondness for pigs), of course said yes.  So I bought a large dog kennel at the local Goodwill and Chekhov came to fetch him last Wednesday.  I named him Orville, and I’m happy to report that he seems very happy at Sunset.  He and Shiloh immediately became friends, but since all llamas are temperamental and Jonathan is a complete drama queen, he carried on frightfully the first day and has since been giving the little porker a wide berth.  It won’t last; he played “keep away from Shiloh” the entire first week she was there, but now they’re inseparable.  I can’t say I’m personally all that fond of pigs, but I’m told he is extremely friendly and clearly has the deportment of a house pet, so I’ll probably get used to him pretty quickly.  And if Jae can have a miniature horse, it only seems fair for Grace to have a miniature pig.  Besides, crazy cat ladies are pretty common; a crazy cat, dog, chicken, llama, pony and pig lady is much rarer.

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