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Diary #475

Though the actual reason I went out to Sunset this weekend was to celebrate Lammas with my friends, it also served to get me out of Seattle during SeaFair, and thus away from extra traffic, closed streets and fighter planes roaring over my house every day.  Instead, I had several lovely days of relaxing and getting high.  My apples, plums and blackberries are all starting to come in, and the replumbing project (necessary for the floor repair) is underway.  Some friends also came out to build a yurt for Jae so she can have a little private space of her own, and we did some planning for future projects.  I tried to snap a picture which showed as much of this as possible; you can see the partly-finished yurt, a wheelbarrow for moving gravel, a piece of pex pipe we’re allowing to uncoil for use, and (if you look carefully) some apples on the branches over my head.  I hope to have some even more exciting news and pics in the near future! 

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