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I’m going to be visiting Washington, DC twice in the next two months; I’m leaving for the first trip on Wednesday and should be returning Sunday, because even though the conference won’t quite be over the flights look too good to pass up (and I druther not get stuck in Washington, especially not in August).  “The Conference” is the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, at which I’ll be showing The War on Whores this Friday night; for the rest of the time I’ll be doing my best to meet up with friends (old, new & online) I know will be there and listening in on any sessions I find interesting.  I plan to have a car, so if you’d like to see me professionally while I’m there (I should have time on Thursday and Saturday), please let me know ASAP so we can arrange that.  That includes anyone who donated to my fundraiser at the $250 level and above; I owe you presents and a visit!  And it isn’t too late; if you donate by Wednesday we can almost certainly still make a meeting work.  And if you’d like to see me but can’t this week, don’t worry because I’ll be back next month for a reception and movie screening at Reason Magazine HQ on September 26th.  I don’t have the details yet, but I should pretty soon, so watch my Tuesday diary columns for details.

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