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Every so often there’s a news story I at first intend to feature in a news column, but once I start trying to edit it down to a quote I discover that there’s just far too much there to use without really unbalancing the layout.  This one was slated for the “License to Rape” subheading of tomorrow’s news column, but there’s so much more to it that…well, see for yourself.  Let’s start with the disgusting and all-too-common pretext of a “search” to justify sexual assault:

…on April 21st of this year, [cops in Hamilton County, Tennessee]…stopped a car [Angel] Johnson’s daughter was riding in, along with four other girls and a boy…[pig Daniel] Wilkey [lied that] he stopped them on a window tint violation, even though…the car did not have its windows tinted…Wilkey [then changed his story, pretending]…he “smelled weed” coming from the vehicle, even though…no one in the vehicle had smoked…Wilkey then ordered all six minors out of the vehicle…during a driving rainstorm, and [demanded they leave] their phones inside [so nobody could film the ensuing bizarre behavior culminating in sexual assault]…“As [fellow pig Jacob] Goforth stood by and watched, Wilkey began [proselytizing] to the minors…and [said] he was ‘praying’ for them”…Goforth [joined in the proselytizing, insulted his victims and]…wouldn’t let them call their parents…Wilkey then [demanded] the boy in the group [do a striptease while he groped]…Johnson’s [14-year-old] daughter [over her entire body, concentrating on her]…breasts…buttocks…and…crotch…[he then groped] the other [teenage girls]…in the same manner…while…Goforth watched [and made furtive movements in his pants]…the entire [assault] took two hours…in the cold rain...

Naturally, Johnson filed a lawsuit against these abusive creeps.  But if that were the whole story, it would’ve fit in the news column.  Apparently, Wilkey routinely molests women using similar excuses, and as you can see above he seems to believe he has the right to molest people spiritually as well as physically:

…Shandle Riley…[reported] that…Wilkey followed her to a friend’s house from a nearby gas station…[and accused her of] holding meth…to [justify]…a full body [groping]…He then asked if she had anything illegal in her car.  She said she had a marijuana roach stashed in a pack of cigarettes…Wilkey became verbally abusive.  Then he…asked her if she was “saved” and believed in Jesus Christ...Wilkey then [said]…God was talking to him…and…wanted him to baptize [Riley]…If Riley agreed…Wilkey said he would only cite her for marijuana possession and speak to the judge on her behalf.  Riley complied with Wilkey’s demands, which included grabbing towels from her friends house and following Wilkey…to a nearby lake…[where they] were joined by…Goforth, who [watched and made furtive movements in his pants] as Wilkey proceeded with the “baptism”…[by stripping to] his boxer shorts…he…placed one hand on [Riley’s] back, and his other hand on [her tit] and completely submerged [her]…

Needless to say, Wilkey didn’t keep his promise so Riley’s suing him and Goforth as well.  But lest you think we’re done with two creepy molestation-and-voyeurism-by-inbred-looking-cops lawsuits, remember that Wilkey apparently enjoys molesting males as well:

Wilkey followed [James Mitchell and Latisha Menifee]…and [pulled them over] on the false claims of “window tint violation” and that he could smell the odor of marijuana as [he] followed the[m]…Wilkey handcuffed [Mitchell]…and…began to grab [his] genitals.  When [Mitchell] told Wilkey that [he] had an untreated and large hernia and that Wilkey’s actions were [hurting him]…Brewer and Wilkey jerked [Mitchell’s] arms high above his back, and slammed [him] face-down onto the hot engine hood…[they] then beat…and [kicked him], slammed [him] to the ground, and…anal[ly raped him with a gloved hand.  Mitchell]…suffered numerous injuries including “tearing of his anus” and an aggravation of his existing hernia.  The [pigs also planted]…drugs in his underwear…[but the charges] were…dropped after the dashcam video was made public…

Apparently three lawsuits in as many weeks were enough for Sheriff Jim Hammond to reward Wilkey with a paid vacation for all the good publicity.  But lest you feel inclined to imagine that Hamilton County can correct their police brutality problem by getting rid of this violent wacko, consider that there are at least two cops (and probably more we haven’t heard about yet) who were willing to go along with him; that judges have never questioned his repetition of the same idiotic claims about window tint and clouds of weed smoke detectable at highway speeds from other cars at great distance and/or in the rain; and that at least one politician thought it was a good idea to give a dangerous buffoon nearly absolute power over anyone in the area who dares to get into a car.

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