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Diary #485

My obligations have been spaced lately such that I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to get back to Sunset for a visit, though Jae has been out there once or twice since my last one.  So when I realized I had no commitments from Saturday to yesterday, I took the opportunity for a visit.  I had no particular reason for the trip, no tasks to accomplish or cargo to carry or anything like that; I just wanted a couple of days in the country, and when I wasn’t writing or cooking (it was really nice to make my fried chicken again!) I mostly just watched classic Universal horror movies.  Grace has what I would consider a very large-screen TV out there (though I think they’re mostly all that size now) and watching the remastered print of Bride of Frankenstein on it while stoned enough to increase my sensitivity to artistic details (one of the nicest effects of the drug IMHO) was a truly fine experience.  And now tonight I’m going over to Lorelei’s for a Doctor Who night; all in all I’d say this week has been a lovely birthday present from the gods.

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