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Diary #487

On Thursday night I hopped on a redeye for North Carolina to attend my friend Kaytlin Bailey’s wedding.  It may have been the best wedding I’ve ever attended; Kaytlin has a keen sense for the gently unconventional, so the ceremony and reception were blissfully free of all the tiresome, hackneyed conventions which infest modern US weddings, while yet keeping all the meaningful rituals.  As you can see in the picture below the bride was absolutely stunning, and yes that’s the lovely Jillian Keenan (another dear friend and one of Kaytlin’s bridesmaids) sitting next to me (the other lady is Kaytlin’s best friend & maid of honor).  In addition to the lovely festivities and catching up with old friends (such as Alex Andrews of Swop Behind Bars, who I roomed with), I also got to spend time chatting with a number of the bride’s family members and other wedding guests.  And even my return flight got me home at a reasonable hour on Sunday, where I’m now typing this now.  Please join me in a toast to the bride and groom, and may they be happy and prosper!

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