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Diary #531

I spent the better part of my Saturday and Sunday under Chekhov’s cottage, connecting the cables that will supply electricity to the outlets.   As you can see, it’s still pretty tight down there, but at least I can sit up without hitting my head very often; a few weeks ago someone asked why the deck was so high off the ground, and one of the reasons I gave him was, “I’ve never been in a crawlspace and said, ‘There’s too much room in here’.”  So, voila.  When I took this picture, I was in the middle of chasing down a short; it turned out that while cutting the conduit, I managed to cut into the insulation of one of the three cables in three separate places (I’m competent to do basic wiring, but at first I wasn’t really using the best tool for that particular job).  But eventually I got it all fixed, and now that I’ve done all the crawling around below the floor, Grace can wire the outlets themselves.  I’m in Seattle today, but I’ll be back at Sunset tomorrow, and in the next few days I’ll do the same for the second cottage.  And you can bet I’m going to be much more careful with sharp objects this time.

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