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Diary #533

Time spent with Dr. Quest is always lovely, but unfortunately time spent on airplanes is not.  So after a wonderful weekend I had to get up at 5 AM Sunday to leave for the airport at 6, then make a connecting flight via Philadelphia for a long flight back to Seattle.  However, I was on the ground in Seattle by 1:30 PM, came home to eat a late breakfast, and did little other than write this column and do a little bookkeeping before getting blotto on a THC drink.  Then yesterday I returned to Sunset with the money for the steel for the roof structure of my bathhouse, courtesy of the good Doctor!  He was very pleased to know that every time I look up in that room, I will think of him.  As regular readers know, under my adamantine exterior I’m actually extremely sentimental, so there’s something  very beautiful to me about being able to look at a specific gift, whether a picture or a sculpture or a tool or a piece of furniture or an actual structure in my home, and smile fondly at the reminder of the generous person who gave it to me.

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