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Diary #545

I’m getting much better at scheduling my in-town appointments as closely together as possible so as to minimize the amount of time I spend in Seattle.  Last week, I drove in on Tuesday afternoon; did some shopping with a friend; had a hair appointment at 11:30 Wednesday morning; had my nails done at 2:00; saw one of my favorite gentlemen at 4:30; then drove back to Sunset early Thursday afternoon.  At first I thought I might have to extend my trip by a day to do toy shopping (I’ve already received $600 and several purchased toys from generous donors), but the day before I left I discovered that the Toys for Tots collection center in Olympia is on the west side of town, near many other places I know well (doctor’s office, Trader Joe’s, etc).  So that means I can take my time buying toys this week, and I can deliver them a week from today when I take Grace to a doctor’s appointment just a few blocks away from the collection center.  Look for my usual picture of the haul next week!  And the week after that, I’ll make one last run into Seattle just before Christmas.

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