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Diary #546

I was concerned that this year’s toy drive would provide meager results, but I was very happy to be proven wrong.  My usual stalwarts, came through, plus a couple who have never donated before; altogether I got quite the haul, as you can see!  The reason it may look like more than usual is that I generally make two or even three trips to the collection center before I’m done, but I normally don’t need to drive to Olympia to do it.  So this year, after making sure that the last collection day was December 17th, I decided to do it all in one load today (Grace has a doctor appointment just a few blocks away from the center, so it was easy).  The trip also gives me the opportunity to do a bit of last-minute shopping for a few friends, so it worked out perfectly.  And thanks to my generous donors, I was able to still provide my usual small help to needy kids in a year when there are likely to be many more of them than usual.


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