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Annex 63

While I was welding the truss for most recently-completed roof section together, it occured to me that we could use purlins with a center notch cut out as the headers over the cottages.  Grace thought it was a good idea, so she calculated the right angles for the notches and cut them out, allowing the purlins to flex in the middle.  It was actually pretty easy to get them into place, far easier than I expected; unfortunately, it started raining just as we finished and it has rained nearly every day since.  It didn’t bother me too much, because though it isn’t safe to get up on a ladder in the rain, it wasn’t actually too bad doing the fence work I had to finish, since most of the rain we’ve had (with the exception of the first weekend of April) was just a drizzle.  Anyway, you can see that we’ve placed the headers over the front walls of the cottages, which are the strongest part of the rooves; they’re not actually attached right now, merely held in place by gravity.  Next we’ll connect both of them to each other and to the existing structure on either side; after that it’s purlins and roofing, then all the finish work.  I’m hoping to be finished with the rough work by the end of this month, and the finish work by the end of May; then I can at last come down from the roof, and the majority of the remaining work will be done from floor level.

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