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Diary #616

I think my Amazon wishlist probably confuses some people, because I only put things on it that I actually want, and my tastes can be rather eclectic.  I know that some sex workers put a lot of stuff on theirs that they think guys want to see (expensive lingerie, shoes, sex toys, etc), and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  But as I’ve pointed out before, I’m not actually very good at marketing; I’m mostly only good at being myself, and the idea of getting people to send me things I don’t actually want or need just does not compute in my brain.  So though the juxtaposition in this picture may seem strange to you, they’re both presents recently sent me by generous gentlemen from the aforementioned wishlist.  Now, in real life there’s no way I would wear a beautiful new cashmere sweater to use my beautiful new chainsaw, but it makes a lot better picture than the shabby old clothes I’d really wear when using it, and it drives home the point about the eclecticism of my list.  Right now, it consists of four movies, three music CDs, two TV series, three discs of cartoons from Croatia and a medieval riddle book, but it often contains much stranger things than that.  Which, given that I’m pretty strange myself, makes perfect sense.

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