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Annex 91

The bathroom isn’t quite finished yet, but as you can see there’s been a lot of improvement since last time (and I did promise y’all a picture).  The toilet is fully functional, but the lavatory is not yet connected up; my plumber is supposed to come by to connect it whenever he gets a chance, and Jae still has to finish the doors of the vanity.  Last week I got inserts for the outlet boxes to bring the outlets themselves flush with the wall surface so the plates would fit properly.  I then installed the cupboard doors last Thursday; I bought them from an architectural salvage place and they’ve been waiting for me to get the walls done.  If you look at last week’s picture, you’ll see that the first two doors cover a cupboard I build in front of the existing bathroom window; I also put opaque contact paper over the glass for privacy in both directions, and I’m going to use the sliding panel to load toilet paper and clean washcloths into the cupboard from the lower bathroom.  The third door is an access panel for the plumbing visible in earlier pictures; I wanted it to match for purely aesthetic reasons.  I had to build up the frame a little and add additional framing on the right side to support the access panel, which is why there’s a visible bit of unfinished wood there; I’m going to leave that and the knobs for Jae to finish.  In the meantime, I’m also mostly done with the shower; I’ll show you that next time, after which this feature is going to take a short hiatus until late January due to holiday-related content.

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