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Annex 92

Here at last is a photo of the almost-complete shower.  As you can see, everything is coated with the same color Durabak as the bathroom floor; the grab bars have been installed, as have the rain shower head and drain fixture (above and below frame, respectively).  Unfortunately, it still won’t be useable until the new water heater is connected to the propane tank, and I have no way to know how long that will be because propane companies seem to consider incompetence and complete failure to reply to customer inquiries in anything remotely resembling a timely fashion to be intrinsic parts of their business model.  In the meantime, I need to install insulated ceiling panels in both the shower and bathroom area, as it’s presently far too cold to use them at this time of year.  But once the wood-burning stove is installed in the atrium (realistically, after Christmas) and the insulated ceiling in the bathroom (possibly already done by the time you read this), it should be a lot warmer in there.  And even warmer once we can get the damned propane company to act like a real business.

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