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Constitutional protections are meaningless without remedies to enforce them.  –  The Institute for Justice

My Police State, ‘Tis of Thee

Politicians blatantly lying about project costs is especially vile when the project is a facility to train cops in “urban warfare” tactics:

In the spring of 2021, [an authoritarian group named] the Atlanta Police Foundation a[sked their political cronies to] put up $30 million for a p[opulation suppression] training center, [claiming] the nonprofit and its [fascist] partners would handle the rest of the project’s $90 million price tag.  That [lie] was repeated month after month, year after year, by one mayor and then the next…But…last month, city officials publicly acknowledged for the first time what [politicians and cronies] have known since at least August 2021 — the actual cost to taxpayers for the facility…[will] be more than double [the claimed amount]…The additional cost comes in the form of $1.2 million in annual [graft] to the Atlanta Police Foundation, re[sulting in an eventual]…profit…for the [fascist group.  As if]…that [weren’t bad enough], Atlanta City Council members…are…consider[ing] a proposal that [increases the] up[-front cost] to $67 million in…funding [stolen from the people the cops will be trained to inflict greater violence upon]…The funding discrepancies coupled with the state’s arrest of three training center opponents last week on [bogus] fraud and money laundering charges have heightened the stakes of City Council’s vote…

Don’t Call It Trafficking (#1088) 

Remember, this isn’t “human trafficking”, but consensual sex is:

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office…has completed its investigation into the transport of 49 migrants from San Antonio to Martha’s Vineyard last September by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration and filed criminal charges…[for] several counts of unlawful restraint…Meanwhile, California’s attorney general [has] accused the DeSantis administration of recruiting…16 migrants from Venezuela and Colombia…fl[ying them]…from El Paso to Sacramento and then dropp[ing them] in front of the offices of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento…

Torture Chamber (#1116)

US politicians’ sick infatuation with “punishment” continues:

Being sentenced to a Texas prison shouldn’t amount to the death penalty.  But that’s what it may have been for hundreds…who…have died due to overheated state jails and prisons…Yet, unconscionably, the Texas Senate refused to consider a House-approved bill that would have helped remedy this inhumane situation by providing funding to speed up installation of air conditioning systems in state lockup facilities…Texas…prisons…reach…sustained temperatures well beyond 100 degrees in summer months…a study by researchers at Brown University School of Public Health…found that 13% of Texas prison deaths between 2001 and 2019 “may be attributed to extreme heat during warm months in Texas prisons without universal air conditioning.”  That’s a total of 271 deaths…

Panopticon (#1150)

Similar cases have already been ruled unconstitutional in other federal circuits:

Todd and Heather Maxon live on a five-acre property in rural Long Lake Township [in]…Michigan…Todd likes to work on cars, so they keep vehicles on the property but hidden from the road.  In 2007, the township sued the Maxons for storing “junk” on their property…The couple fought back and won:  The township agreed to drop the case and reimburse attorney fees…[if] the Maxons would not expand their collection…But the…township [wanted revenge, so it] hired a company to fly drones over the property and take pictures…multiple times…from 2010 to 2018.  The pictures allegedly showed that the number of vehicles had indeed expanded, so the township sued the Maxons for violating the previous agreement.  The Maxons moved to suppress the [warrantless] drone evidence as a Fourth Amendment violation…but…a…court de[clared] that the “exclusionary rule does not apply in this civil matter”…The Institute for Justice…which represented the Maxons in their initial litigation, appealed the decision to the Michigan Supreme Court in September…

The Mob Rules (#1303)

Apparently there haven’t been enough nuisance lawsuits for Louisiana politicians’ taste:

Louisiana [politician]s are [doubling down on] a recently enacted law that requires pornography websites verify users are at least 18 years old…The Senate gave unanimous final passage to a bill…that would allow the Louisiana attorney general to investigate and fine — up to $5,000 a day…websites that do not comply with the age verification law [after the same politicians declare them “pornographic”]…

Panopticon (#1308)

The conditioning of kids to accept constant, intrusive surveillance is working:

In a newly released Cato Institute…National Survey of 2,000 Americans, we asked respondents whether they “favor or oppose the government installing surveillance cameras in every household to reduce domestic violence, abuse, and other illegal activity.”  Not surprisingly, few Americans—only 14 percent—support this idea…However, Americans under the age of 30 stand out when it comes to 1984‐​style in‐​home government surveillance cameras.  3 in 10 (29 percent) Americans under 30 favor…[this kind of dystopian] surveillance…Support declines with age, dropping to 20 percent among 30–44 year olds and dropping considerably to 6 percent among those over the age of 45.  We don’t know how much of this preference for security over privacy or freedom is something unique to this generation (a cohort effect) or simply the result of youth (age effect)…

The Last Shall Be First (#1338) 

The damage done by prohibition is never limited to the group a law is openly aimed at:

[Publicity] surrounding Florida’s new restrictions on gender-affirming care focused largely on [legal minors]…but…[the] law…also made it difficult – even impossible – for many transgender adults to get treatment…[because] clinics are…trying to figure out how to operate under regulations that have made Florida a test case for restrictions on adults…[such as the] require[ment that]…any health care related to transitioning [must be supervised by an MD, and]…in person…many people received care from nurse practitioners and used telehealth.  The law also made it a crime to violate the new requirements…


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