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Annex 113

The annex bathroom is finally getting very close to finished!  Last week Chekhov was determined to get the bathroom sink connected, because he needs it to shave; there were a few problems with finding the right parts, etc, but we at last got everything connected and the vanity cupboard doors installed.  Then a week ago today, I installed the door trim Jae had prepared, so this corner is just about done.  She let me know in no uncertain terms that the Durabak wall surface made the job extra-challenging, so she decided to use the texture rather than fighting it by going with a sort of cave wall kind of look.  She hid the uneven surface by going with a splotchy paint effect to evoke a tarnished copper feel, and used metal pipe for the various fittings to get a kind of industrial steampunk-style look, complete with fake gauges.  The greenery and butterflies connect the interior to the atrium as a whole; there’s even more on the side opposite the door, but I’ll show you that when she’s done with the cupboard doors on that wall (that’s the area built over the window into the lower bathroom, which I use to stock toilet paper and towels from the back).  The Durabak texture also makes it difficult to get the floor really properly clean, so I’ve asked Jae to pick out a bathroom rug to cover most of the floor; that will also help insulate the room during the cold months.  I’ve been using the shower for several months now, but I’m really looking forward to the no-longer-distant day when everything is done and this bathroom is not only fully functional, but fully company-presentable.

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